Welcome to Creepy Candy

The Characters


Miss Paige Turner is the head librarian at the haunted Alexander Tyler Poe Library in Macungie Falls. One night, Victor, Miss Paige Turner’s nephew, was experimenting in his lab and accidentally created a green, glowing mist that came to life. Victor runs as the green mist causes chaos drifting through the library. The mysterious green entity swirls around a forgotten bag of candy and brings the Creepy Candy™ to life! 

Just getting started, the green mist then transforms Mr. Finkle, the janitor, so that every time the grumpy old janitor gets angry, he turns into a cat! Not finished yet, the mist then changes sweet Miss Paige Turner so that her dark side comes out whenever she sneezes! The only way for Miss Paige to return to her sweet self is by eating sweets, which leads to her relentless pursuit of the Creepy Candy™.

The Creepy Candy™ then discover the magic of books and their ability to enter the stories contained within their pages.  Ty-Poe, the library’s resident ghost, has reluctantly taken on the role as the caretaker of the Creepy Candy™ which involves the exhausting task of always trying to stop the wild and sugar- crazed Miss Paige Turner from getting her hands on the Creepy Candy™. This turns out to be a never-ending job as the Creepy Candy™ are mischievous little creatures who can never seem to stay out of trouble.

  Come along with Buzz, Buck, Googly, Stickee, and the others on their exciting and action-packed adventures in the old library. This cast of crazy characters and the circumstances they create are certain to construct a concoction of confectionary comedy, chaos, and creepalicious fun!



Head Librarian at the Alexander Tyler Poe Memorial Library. She runs the library by the book with the utmost efficiency. Miss Paige, on a good day, is a sweet, helpful, and bubbly person. Alas, her nephew Victor’s botched experiment caused a wild sugar-crazed side of her that reveals itself when she sneezes. All is well once Miss Paige consumes sweets and returns to her lovable self.



Victor, Miss Paige’s nephew, can often be found in an abandoned corner of the library, where he has created a makeshift laboratory which is frequently the source for all manner of trouble. Among some of his creations is a loyal and slimy companion named Rover as well as the mysterious gassy green entity that brings the candy to life.



As the aged janitor, all he wants is a quiet life and to do as little as humanly possible. Watch TV, nap, repeat. As the cat, he’s pretty much the same, just with more sleep time. The Finkley cat has that beastly cat-like personality and will chase the Creepy Candy ™ around into a game of cat-and-mouse. Thankfully, just like a cat, he loses interest on a whim and curls up into a ball for a catnap.


CECELIA (CeCe) O’Malley

Known to everyone as CeCe, she is the smart, witty, wise-cracking new girl at school who has become friends with Victor. Almost always together, She and Victor can usually be found in Victor’s laboratory and are often involved in the strange happenings at the library.


STICKEE (male)

Candy Type: Lollipop

Stickee is a good-hearted, fun loving farm boy. He is completely clueless to any problem or impending danger. He is quick to forgive. His need for fun keeps him laughing and boosting morale. Laughing is his way even in uncomfortable situations, like being stuck to Finkle the cat’s bottom.



Candy Type: Gummy Eyeballs

Googly fancies himself a slick private eye. He investigates everything. A magnifying glass appears in front of him and, like Sherlock, he starts rapidly putting clues together and making fanciful deductions. He will turn up with something random, like a paper clip, and announce that the case is closed. His catchphrase is “I got a case to crack!” Googly’s girlfriend, Iris, always agrees with him and she blindly follows Googly everywhere. She simply adores him.


LUCKY (female)

Candy Type: Squished Taffy

Lucky is a turtle that was flattened while crossing the road. This has made her perpetually nervous and afraid of her own shadow. Lucky always imagines the worst outcome in any situation and has 100 reasons why any plan is going to fail. If it wasn’t for bad luck, Lucky would have no luck at all.


BUCK (male)

Candy Type: Candy Teeth

Buck is a wisecracking, sarcastic candy. He is outspoken and says what he thinks. He looks scary but his bark is worse than his bite. He just wants to have fun with his best friends. He’s fiercely loyal to all of them, even when they come up with really bad ideas.


ICKY, YICKY AND YUK a.k.a. the Tasty Boys!

Candy Type: Gummy Worms

Very logical and practical, they are always ready to offer common sense suggestions; however, they often contradict one another and quarrel amongst themselves. They fancy themselves a boy band called The Tasty Boys. What they lack in talent, they make up for in enthusiasm. They love to explore all types of music and often break out into three-part harmony.



Candy Type: Gummy Brains

Sarah may not be the leader but she certainly is the brains of the operation. For what Sarah may lack in common sense, she makes up for in being book smart. The other Candy love hearing fascinating facts from her, but they are soon forgotten. She has two catchphrases “Fun fact” and “I got a sweet idea.”


BUZZ (male)

Candy Type: Gummy Fly and Taffy Flypaper

Technically Buzz isn’t 100% Candy, although he is now 100% edible. You see, he was a real fly mooching about on the forgotten candy bag when the Green Mist came along. Now he’s a sweet fly. Buzz is the unofficial leader of the Candies which makes him a bit hyper and constantly nervous. Though not particularly brave he will always rise to the occasion when the Candys’ need his help. Being able to fly as well as being one of the few candies who has hands makes Buzz particularly important.


MILDRED (Female)

Mildred is the library’s other full-time ghost. She likes her peace and quiet and there is always tension between her and the new noisy, troublemaking residents, the Creepy Candy ™. Mildred is usually pleasant, but she can easily get cross when the Creepy Candy ™ start with their shenanigans.



Candy Type: Jellybeans

The Beans generally move and act as a collective unit, however, it’s not unheard of for the occasional Bean to go rogue. They can speak, but rarely do. When the Beans do speak, it is usually no more than a two- or three-word sentence. Typically, the Beans all simultaneously state the obvious through sounds.


GWOOPKY (female)

Candy Type: Cotton Candy with Candy Spiders

Gwoopky is a dust bunny and doesn’t speak much. When Gwoopky does speak, it’s in a low, growly voice. She’s not angry, it’s just her way. Quite often she stays on her own and likes to sleep under the radiator with the dust and cobwebs. She’s never afraid to get dirty for whatever reason. That said, if the others have organized something fun - she’s there. Quite often Gwoopky is covered in small pieces of trash and needs to be de- gwoopk’d. When necessary, she can puff up and blow out clouds of dust and tiny spiders.


TY-POE (male)

Ty-Poe is the resident gentleman ghost of the library which was once his home and now his namesake. Ty-Poe appears only as two glowing gloves and communicates with the Creepy Candy ™ through gestures. Ty-Poe is the show’s narrator and voice of reason. He has become the effective, if not reluctant, guardian of the Creepy Candy ™ and is constantly rescuing them from danger as well as doing his best to keep them out of trouble.



Also known as the spirit of Halloween as well as the green entity with no identity. It was created accidentally by Victor in his laboratory. The Green Mist’s most notable accomplishment is bringing the Creepy Candy ™ to life, making Miss Paige batty and Mr. Finkle catty.